Inferno Gaming PC


Supplied with a full 1 Year warranty


The CiT Inferno Mid-Tower PC Gaming Case is made with gamers and first time builders in mind, it comes with a full tempered glass left and front panel. With a clear view of the 3 pre-installed fire red LED single-ring fans and specifically angled airflow vents the front panel is one of the many unique design features of this chassis.

We know it’s important to maximise every bit of space inside your case, that is why the PSU is top mounted. Giving you the most room to build and plenty of cut outs to feed your wires through to the cable management area.

In addition to everything already included the Inferno, the chassis supports a CPU height of 155mm and a max graphic card length of 355mm.

Key Features

  • Design – The inferno has a front panel that is almost full tempered glass with a black boarder that supports the specifically angled air vents.


  • Airflow – This case is designed with great airflow in mind, from front intake right the way through to rear exhaust you will have no issue creating the perfect balance of hot and cool air.


  • Fans – With 3 single-ring fire red LED fans included at the front and room to support up to 3 more throughout, the Inferno is a great entry level case.


  • Water Cooling Support – With room for up to a 240mm at the front & top and a 120mm radiator at the back you have plenty of options to enhance your cooling.


  • Removable Dust Filter – A magnetic dust filter on the top of the chassis helps to prevent dust from getting into your build and improve the lifespan of your system.


  • I/O Ports – On the top of the chassis there is 1 x USB2.0 and 2 x USB3.0 ports and HD Audio for easy access and you can connect to most media storage devices.


  • Please Note – The images showing rear and top fan is for illustrative purposes only. The Inferno includes only three Red fans.


All our gaming PC’s are supplied with a full 1 Year warranty for your peace of mind.


ram.png Processor (CPU): Choose option (Quad Core i5 or i7)
ram.png Memory (RAM): Choose option
graphics-card-icone-5112-128.png Graphics: Choose option
harddrive.png Hard Disk: Choose option
windows-7-logo.png Operating System: Choose option
audio-icon-user-andromedavadum1.png Audio: High-definition Integrated Audio
cd-rom-drive.png Optical Drive: Yes
icon-psu-power-supply-generic.png Power: 500 watts power supply
ram.png Dimensions: 223mm x 500mm x 474mm (W x H x D)
pc icon-10.png What’s in the box: 1x KelsusIT Centurion Gaming PC
1x Power Lead


Why buy a gaming PC

  • A gaming PC has the best variety of games in comparison to any gaming console including PS4 and XBOX One. You can play the first text based adventures or the great Civilisation 1 that runs on a Pentium II PC to the latest games including Fifa 17, Team Fortress 2, Call of Duty and the newly released Civilisation 6.
  • A gaming PC is the only platform to play games in 4K resolution. This is a fact. If you want that high quality then as we all know, a gaming PC is the only place you will find it. Even a PC with a mid-range graphics card can easily hit 1080p and above.
  • A gaming PC is the best place to play VR (Virtual Reality) games or programs. Even with Playstations release of the VR headset, it is limited in comparison to what you can achieve on a PC especially the variety available.
  • A gaming PC in today’s market is so much cheaper than it was 2 years ago. You don’t have to spend thousands to get the best graphics card on the market, at £200 a GTX1050Ti more than handles most of today’s top game titles.
  • A gaming PC has the ability to MOD almost everything. From mods for games to mods for your gaming keyboard and mouse, the options are endless where-as consoles are very restricted in what you can do.
  • A gaming PC is not just a gaming machine, it can also be used for everyday purposes including online social media and school work or general work. It will also be fantastic for video editing and so on. The gaming PC is more than a console.
  • What to look out for when buying a gaming PC and what not to listen to:
  • Do not buy a Gaming PC just because of how it looks. All gaming cases generally do the same thing so if it costs more than another, there should be a reason for this. In today’s market you can get any colour case you need and as many LED’s as you want however, this will not enhance your game play. Always read the specification.
  • Ensuring you have enough storage to save the huge game files that are now required in this digital download era. CD’s/DVD games are becoming a thing of the past and with gaming sites like Steam available for you to keep your collection on file and in the cloud, it is easy to see why we run out of hard drive space fast. Many simply add an external USB hard drive but try to ensure that when you buy your gaming PC, it has enough storage. The minimum requirements when buying a PC is 500GB of storage. The recommended is a 1000GB (1TB) hard drive and to increase to a 2TB or a 3TB is not a huge cost so make this decision wisely.
  • Power for the future. You need to ensure that your gaming PC is either upgradable as most are not or at least is high spec on the day you brought it. When looking for a gaming PC ensure for example you do not buy a gaming PC with a core 2 duo processor. This is 10-year-old technology and is out of date 5 years ago let alone today. Look deeper than the exaggerated Gigahertz claims and speak to someone who knows about gaming PC’s to ensure you buy something up to date. We recommend at least a 2nd generation i5 or i7 processor combined with 16GB memory and a 1TB hard drive to ensure that games will run. Also look at feedback of the person you are buying from to ensure they have happy customers.
  • Buying an APU with a GPU. Most people will not know what this is but this is very important. When the graphics card is not dedicated and is built onto the motherboard, you compromise power for price. A big example of this is the AMD motherboards using an on board GPU. These will work okay for today but are not changeable at all. If you want to change the processor or graphics card, you will have to buy a new PC. This is not a situation you want to find yourself in. Always look for a dedicated graphics like a Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti or the 1080. What ever you choose, choose wisely. Seek advice when purchasing. Ask the question, will my favourite game work on the PC?
  • There are many more questions that can be asked as below:
  • You cannot game with your friends on a console. They all have different networks, PSN will not cross over to Xbox live and therefore PC gamers play with PC gamers and so on.
  • It is very important when choosing an operating system that you choose the right one. From Windows 7 that is no longer available to Windows 10 Home or Pro to LINUX. What ever your needs are research what works best for you and your game. Ensure that you have an official COA attached to your machine to ensure that you are legally entitled to use it and update it.
  • Memory (RAM) Always ensure that your game will utilise the amount of memory of your gaming PC. Most games will not use 32GB of memory so do you need to spend the money to get there. You can check your game to see what the recommended specifications are to ensure you do not over pay for something you do not use.
  • Choosing the right TFT/Screen could never be more important. If you have all the PC power you have just acquired under the bonnet but only have 3 wheels to drive it, it will never work as it should. The same approach is just as important for the screen that you choose. FPS and reaction time will now depend on how good your screen is so ensure you research and you buy the right screen. In today’s market they are relatively priced and you should be able to get a fantastic screen for between £80-£150 for smaller than a 24”.


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